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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update on the Scrapbook Room

We have finally finished the drywall and are in the process of painting. Yes, I know it took forever. So much for our July 1st hopeful deadline. Haha! Last night I primed the walls and today I started on my focus wall.

After the paint is dry, I will be adding different sized vertical stripes in a light green. I will then add glitter (clear) to the green so the stripes sparkle. When it is complete I will take pictures. The rest of the walls will be a light blue. All of the furniture and storage will be white and I will have bright colored accents throughout the room. I also plan on putting up some vinyl lettering when I get my cricut for my birthday (the 28th). I can't wait until this room is complete! Its finally starting to look like a real room!

Not only will this be my scrapbooking room, but it will also be my home office. This is where I will work and do my homework. (I work and attend school from home.) This will be my haven where I can concentrate without having cartoons blaring in the background or have my 3 year old son annoy the heck out of me while i'm doing my homework.

I'll keep you all updated! Let's hope for a fast renovation!

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candy said...

when will it be done?