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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scrap Room==> a work in progress...

My husband and I have decided to turn the bathroom connected to our bedroom into a scrap room! It was a complete disaster when we bought the trailer. We are currently re-drywalling the room. As soon as Kevin is done with that, we can move onto paint! I am thinking, since this is going to be my own private haven, that I will go with a pale pink. I really like the color pink. HA! And I guess that way, I can make sure that its MY room, as was promised to me. Kevin plans to build cabinets and drawers for the room. I haven't yet decided if we should stain them, or paint them. Either way, they'll look nice. My computer will also be going in here, so we have to make sure that it is next to the ONLY outlet in the room. If we would have been thinking before we put the new drywall up, we should have put in more outlets. Oh well, I'll deal. There will also be paper storage racks for me to store all of my cardstock and decorative papers (without them getting bent). I'm so stoked! We're all sick of me having to live my scrapbooking life at the kitchen table out of totes! When I get some great plans drawn up, I'll scan them.


Sanela Kubiak said...

Good Luck!!! :) It's always fun, as long as you can imagine the end product.

Sanela Kubiak said...

I am waiting for some artwork rom you.... How's the progress on the scraproom? Have a Nice Day!!!