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Monday, November 3, 2008

Update on the Scrapbook Room

So there have been a few changed made to the plans during the process of building the workstation. After Kevin finished one of the cabinets that hold up the counter, he realized that there would only be a 3 foot area for me to roll my chair around in between the L shaped desk area. We contemplated making everything a shorter depth, but it would have taken away from storage and workspace. So instead of an L shaped desk, I'm just making it a regular built-in along the back wall. So it will be 5 foot long, 2 foot depth. Now we need to figure out where my computer will go. I want to avoid putting my computer in the same space I'm going to scrap in. I need all of the room I can get for scrappin!

I completed painting our old microwave stand, so I have something to use for storage of my cricut and other accessories and such. The room is still a work in progress. I'm getting anxious and want it done. I've about HAD IT with working and attending school out of my living room next to a TV thats bigger than I am!

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